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Rétronome \ʁe.tʁɔ.nɔm\

\ ˈre-trə-ˌnōm \ n. from latin retro "backward" and ancient Greekνόμος (nomos) "law"

"The one who appreciates the value of things from the past and masterises the art of getting them through the time to give them a second lease of life."  



Founded by Laura Bitton, Retronome is a boutique that is devoted with passion to giving new life to authentic vintage pieces.


Clothing made of noble materials, original accessories, high quality jewellery and decoration to make your home a unique place.


Each piece is carefully selected for its quality, origin and authenticity. Carefully cleaned and restored, ready to be loved again...


New pieces are uploaded every week, follow us on Instagram tombe notified !

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